Rescue TAKO's little friends !

Help Tako to find his golden little friends which are stuck on planet Ramu. On planet Ramu, Tako can only move around with the help of his zip tool. Be careful where you move and dont fall down or dont get close to the red spike animals who live on planet Ramu. After finding Tako's little friends go to the rocket to bring them back home. Other players try to find the golden friends as well, so check the leaderboard about how well you can find them in less moves.

"Tako Tako is one of the few 3D Games, which actually works on mobile with just one finger"

Tako Tako is out now on iOS.

After the release on Android platforms, Tako Tako is available now for iOS. Both iPhone and iPad are supported.

"I know I will beat this game one day !!!"

Thanks to superradgamer for his awesome video on Tako Tako.

Tako is enjoying a 3d model of the oculus lift from ManyLectro from the Oculus Rift Forum here

Tako Tako VR

Tako Tako was available for Oculus Rift until version 0.6.

For further support or upgraded version please contact by mail.

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